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1 oz Silver Bars

1 oz silver bars are rectangular ingots used by governments, corporations, and individuals as a method of storing wealth. They are manufactured by a number of government-operated and privately-owned mints, and typically contain .999 fine silver. Their compact size and low production costs make them one of the most affordable silver products available today.

Investing In Silver

Various societies have utilized silver as a means of exchange for thousands of years. Although major developed nations now use paper money as their primary currency, silver is still highly valued for many reasons. Not only does it have countless industrial applications, but many investors use it as a safeguard against economic turbulence.

Since the value of precious metals typically have an inverse relationship with the value of the dollar, silver has been included in many investors' portfolios as a hedge against inflation. As a tangible asset with intrinsic value, silver is often seen as a more reliable store of wealth than fiat currency, which is essentially just a government-backed IOU.

For those investing in precious metals, 1 oz silver bars are a popular option because they are more affordable than their gold and silver counterparts. Additionally, you will not pay a large premium on silver bullion bars because they lack numismatic value (i.e. collector appeal). Rather, they are sold and traded at close to the spot price, which is based on the price for one troy ounce of silver. For more about investing in silver, follow the link herein.

IRA Eligible 1 oz Silver Bars

IRA Elligible Silver Bars

Many 1 oz silver bars are also eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. Gainesville Coins offers a wide selection of 1 oz IRA-approved silver bars that spans major brands such as PAMP Suisse. However, not all silver bars (regardless of size) are approved for this kind of retirement account. To have IRA eligibility, a silver bar must be at least .999 fine and be Good Delivery accredited, or have an acceptable equivalent accreditation such as ISO 9000 or a government guarantee. Our representatives are also available to help you choose a custodian for your IRA and answer any questions you may have about opening a self-directed IRA.

Buying 1 oz Silver Bars - Guide

There are many 1 oz silver bars for sale that you can choose from. Bars minted by well-known refiners are considered brand name; these include bars from Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, Sunshine Mint, Engelhard, and others. Brand name silver bars have the advantage of being highly trusted and commanding slightly higher premiums on the secondary market. Here is just a sampling of some of the most popular silver bars available today:

  • Buying Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

    Johnson Matthey 1 oz Silver Bar

    Johnson Matthey is a globally-recognized assayer in the bullion industry. This silver 1 oz bar is hallmarked with the JM logo and name, as well as its exact weight and purity.

  • Buying Engelhard Silver Bars

    Engelhard 1 oz Silver Bar

    Engelhard is a prestigious name in the bullion industry that is recognized worldwide. Now considered vintage, 1 oz Engelhard silver bars are a trusted and sought-after asset.

  • Buying Sunshine Mint Silver Bars

    Sunshine Mint 1 oz Silver Bar

    The Sunshine Mint is a popular refiner of various silver bullion products. Their original silver eagle design, featured on this 1 oz bar, is often called “the other silver eagle” and is favored by many silver investors.

  • Buying Pamp Suisse Silver Bars

    PAMP Suisse 1 oz Silver Bar

    PAMP Suisse is a leading refiner that is known for their exceptional gold and silver bars. This 1 oz PAMP silver bar was minted to commemorate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse.

  • Buying Credit Suisse Silver Bars

    Credit Suisse 1 oz Silver Bar

    Like PAMP, Credit Suisse is headquartered in Switzerland. Credit Suisse is recognized throughout the industry for the quality and elegance of its silver bars.

  • Buying Heraeus Silver Bars

    Heraeus 1 oz Silver Bar

    Argor-Heraeus is a technology giant that has introduced some of the newest innovations in refining and minting precious metal products, such as its proprietary KineBar technology.

Low Premium 1 oz Silver Bars

For those who are less concerned with brand recognition and simply want to acquire silver for the best deal possible, there are also generic silver bars. These bullion bars still contain 1 troy ounce of pure silver and have some of the lowest premiums over spot, per ounce, on the market. Generic bars come from smaller mints, and include silver art bars like the Morgan Design and Walking Liberty Design 1 oz silver bars.

  • Atlantis Mint Low Premium Silver Bar

    Atlantis Mint 1 oz Silver Bar

    The U.S.-owned and operated Atlantis Mint is gaining a reputation for its retro poured silver bars. They specialize in skull-and-crossbones, eagle, and Zodiac designs.

  • Morgan Low Premium Silver Bar

    Morgan 1 oz Silver Bar

    This silver bar features the classic Liberty bust from the original Morgan dollar first struck by the U.S. Mint in 1878. 1 oz Morgan silver bars are an affordable way to celebrate one of America's favorite silver dollars.

  • Walking Liberty Low Premium Silver Bar

    Walking Liberty 1 oz Silver Bar

    This 1 oz bar recreates the stunning Walking Liberty motif designed by Adolph Weinman and first featured on U.S. currency in 1916. Many choose 1 oz Walking Liberty silver bars because the coin design is so beloved.

  • Trident Low Premium Silver Bar

    Trident 1 oz Silver Bar

    Trident Silver is an up-and-coming refiner that treats each bar like a work of art. Each bar features the powerful Roman god of the sea, Neptune, and is stamped with its weight and purity.

  • Prospector Low Premium Silver Bar

    PG&G 1 oz Silver Bars

    Prospector's Gold and Gems offers high quality bars for a low premium. 1 oz PG&G silver bars feature an image of a shovel, prospector's pick, and gem logo.

Easy To Buy, Store, and Sell

The uniformity of flat, rectangular 1 oz bars makes stacking exceptionally easy. This minimizes the amount of storage space you must dedicate to your precious metal holdings. You can even store these compact, affordable silver bullion bars in home safes or safety deposit boxes. They necessarily have greater mobility than larger bars and are easy to transport at a moment's notice.

One of the most commonly traded silver bar sizes is 1 troy oz. They are almost always in high demand, making this size silver bar very liquid. Small silver bars also provide more flexibility if you decide to sell. Whereas you would have to sell an entire 100 oz silver bar at once if you choose to exchange your silver for cash, 1 oz silver bars allow you sell only a few ounces at a time. For even greater flexibility, there are also 1/2 oz silver bars, or even smaller 5 gram silver bars, but these fractional sizes often have slightly higher premiums over spot per ounce compared to the 1 oz size.

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Looking for the best place to buy silver? Gainesville Coins is a trusted precious metals dealer that offers competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are 5-star rated by the National Inflation Association (NIA). Our courteous service representatives are available to answer all of your precious metal questions and strive to make your buying experience quick and easy. We always endeavor to provide friendly service and an atmosphere of professionalism.

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