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Buy Silver

Buy Silver Coins and Silver Bars

Silver coins and silver bars come in a variety of weights and designs. A number of private mints and National Mints produce silver coins and silver bars for the investing market. To help you make sense of the varying investing options available, we have provided the following brief summary of Silver Coin facts and Silver Bar facts.

Silver Coins

Silver Bullion Coins

The first distinction usually made for silver coins is whether or not it is graded. Graded silver coins carry numismatic value, generally for their condition and/or rarity, and therefore typically sell at a significant premium to spot. The two most well known grading companies are PCGS and NGS. For instance, Gainesville Coins carry's both graded and ungraded U.S. Mint American Silver Eagle Coins.

Most silver coins manufactured today are .999 pure and 1 troy oz. Over recent years there has been an increase in the number of mints producing larger sized coins such as the Chinese Mint's 2011 5oz. Chinese Silver Panda and the Royal Australian Mint's 2011 1 Kilo Australian Silver Kookaburra. Typically the premium paid over spot for a silver coin declines as the weight increases. Silver bullion includes non-graded silver coins.

Many national mints produce silver coins for both the numismatic market and the investing market. A number of these coins are eligible for inclusion in a metal's IRA including the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Australian Silver Kookaburra, and the Austrian Silver Philharmonic.

Buy Silver Coins

Silver Bullion Bars

  • Australian Coins - Year of the Rabbit
  • Silver Bullion Bars
  • Silver Bullion Coins

Silver bars are generally privately minted and are typically of .999 purity. The most common weights for silver bars is 1 troy oz., 10 troy oz., and 100 troy oz., bars. Like silver coins, the price over spot paid for a silver bar decreases as the weight purchased increases. Silver bullion bars that are .999 pure and accredited by COMEX/NYMEX are eligible for inclusion in a metal's IRA.

Buy Silver Bars

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