Am Yisrael Chai 5 Gram Gold Bar Pamp Suisse - Faith Series (24 Karat)
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Details & Specifications

The renowned Swiss precious metals refiner, PAMP Suisse, has expanded its line of gold and silver bars to include this imaginative Faith series, which highlights concepts from the world's major universalizing religions. This Am Yisrael Chai 5 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar (Faith series) celebrates Judaism in extra-pure .9999 fine gold. Each bar contains a total of 5 grams of actual gold weight (AGW), and measures 13.1mm x 22.1mm. The bar(s) you receive comes enclosed in plastic with its assay card, which certifies the bar and its unique serial number.

The front design shows the Hebrew characters for "Living" in large typeface at the center of the design. Radiant light emanates from the letters, denoting their spiritual meaning. Hebrew across the top portion of the bar is translated into the Roman alphabet at the bottom of the design, reading "Am Yisrael Chai!" This translates to "The Jewish People Live!", a reminder that they carry on the legacy of the Ancient Israelites.

The back side of the bar contains the PAMP Suisse logo near the top rim, with the weight and purity specifications below. The specs read, "5 g FINE GOLD 999.9." Just below, the PAMP symbol is seen next to the French phrase "ESSAYEUR FONDEUR," which essentially means that the bar was minted by one of Switzerland's top precious metal refiners, among which PAMP Suisse can surely be counted. The assay card is included within the plastic blister case that protects the bar.

PAMP Suisse's Faith series is an interesting take on the major world religions, celebrating the diversity of enriching spiritual traditions from cultures around the world. In their own words, PAMP Suisse "is the world's leading bullion brand with a presence within major international markets, [and as such] the company naturally appreciates, admires and respects the many cultures in which it operates." This approach makes sense when one considers that what all of these cultures have in common is a respect and admiration for the timeless value of precious metals like gold and silver. If you're interested in stacking gold bullion, buy the PAMP Suisse 5 gram gold bar Am Yisrael Chai (Faith series) for competitive pricing at Gainesville Coins!

Product Specifications
Metal: Gold
Fineness: 0.9999
Actual Metal Weight: 0.1607 ozt
Weight: 5 gram
Mint: PAMP Suisse
Edge Design: plain
Series: Faith
IRA Approved: Yes
Additional Info: Dimensions: 13.1mm x 22.1mm
Packaging: Sealed in Assay