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Silver Bullion: Coins, Bars, and Rounds

1 oz Silver Round .999 Pure Silver Buffalo Design - New

SKU: rounds2
#1 Best Seller
This extremely popular privately minted 1 oz silver round brings back the famous "Buffalo Nickel" design of James Earle Fraser, the famous sculptor and designer. The front carries the American Indian profile of the 1913 original, while the reverse ...
1 - 19 $18.32 $18.91
20 - 199 $18.28 $18.86
200 - 498 $18.23 $18.81
499+ $18.08 $18.66
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

1 oz Trident Silver Bar (.999 Fine)

#6 Best Seller
The stylishly designed 1oz Trident Silver Bar is comprised of .999 fine silver. One ounce Silver bars are among the most popular silver traded world wide due to their low spot price and small standard size. Each Trident 1oz Silver Bar has a purity ...
1 - 99 $18.62 $19.22
100 - 499 $18.42 $19.01
500+ $18.22 $18.80
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

1 oz Morgan Design Silver Bars .999 Fine: Bar Made In The USA

SKU: bars1
#14 Best Seller
This 1 oz Morgan Design Silver Bar is one of the many privately minted products we offer here at Gainesville Coins. This .999 1 troy ounce silver bar is fully refined and minted in the United States of America, making this gorgeous bar "Made in t...
1 - 19 $18.43 $19.02
20 - 99 $18.33 $18.92
100 - 499 $18.23 $18.81
500+ $18.18 $18.76
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

Silver Shot 1 oz (.9999 Pure)

You can buy silver in one of its purest forms, for an incredibly low premium over spot, with 1 oz of silver shot! Silver shot, also known as "silver grain," is a highly concentrated form of silver bullion, and often resembles ball bearings. While it ...
1+ $17.82 $18.39
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

1 oz Trident Silver Round (.999 Fine)

These superb 1 oz Trident Silver Rounds are the perfect way to start adding some serious weight to your precious metals holdings. These .999 fine silver rounds are intricately designed and priced to sell fast. The front of these .999 fine silver...
1 - 19 $18.33 $18.92
20 - 99 $18.28 $18.86
100 - 499 $18.23 $18.81
500+ $18.08 $18.66
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

1 oz Silver Bar | Walking Liberty Design (.999 Pure)

#44 Best Seller
The "Walking Liberty" Design 1 oz Silver bar is made from the finest quality of .999 fine Silver. These bars have a low premium over spot, making it one of the most popular silver bullion products at Gainesville Coins. Every one of these 1 troy o...
1 - 19 $18.43 $19.02
20 - 99 $18.33 $18.92
100 - 499 $18.23 $18.81
500+ $18.18 $18.76
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

5 oz Morgan Silver Bars 999 Pure | Made In The USA

SKU: bars8
#35 Best Seller
Silver bars are among the lowest cost-per-ounce methods to acquire bullion, but that does not mean that you have to settle for just any bar. This 5 oz Morgan Design Silver Bar is 99.9% pure and made in the U.S.A. at ISO-9001 certified mints, to...
1 - 9 $93.65 $96.65
10 - 24 $92.65 $95.61
25+ $91.65 $94.58
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

5 oz Trident Silver Bar (.999 Fine) - With Assay Certificate & Verification Serial Number

#66 Best Seller
Neptune, the powerful Roman God of water and sea, is featured on this beautiful 5 oz Trident Silver Bar comprised of .999 fine silver . The bar comes with a unique serial number and matching Certificate of Authenticity. Trident Silver 5 oz and 10 ...
1 - 10 $94.15 $97.16
11 - 49 $93.15 $96.13
50+ $92.15 $95.10
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

10 oz Morgan Silver Bars 999 Fine Made In The USA

#31 Best Seller
If someone told you that the most beautiful woman in the nation weighed 10 ounces, would you believe them? Well, in 19th century America, the face of the Morgan Liberty design was the most beautiful woman in America, and she is featured on the cover...
1+ $179.80 $185.55
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

10 oz Trident Silver Bar (.999 Fine) - Assay Certificate & Verification Serial Number

SKU: bars27
#49 Best Seller
Get name-brand quality at a generic price with the famous 10 oz Trident Silver Bar. Each beautiful bar contains 10 troy oz of .999 Fine Silver . Every Trident 10 oz silver bullion bar is stamped with a unique serial number, and comes with a ma...
1 - 10 $183.20 $189.06
11 - 49 $182.20 $188.03
50+ $181.20 $187.00
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

90% Silver Coins - $1 Face Value (coins may consist of quarters, halves or dimes)

SKU: 90
#27 Best Seller
Pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins is the preferred method of purchasing bullion for many people. Gainesville Coins offers $1 Face Value Bags of 90% Silver Coins in any multiple you desire. Just enter the number of $1 face value lots you want in the "Q...
1+ $14.28 $14.74
Estimated 5 - 7 Business Days to Ship

1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar .999 Fine

You can now purchase the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar at Gainesville Coins! Back by popular demand, these sleek and attractive 1 oz silver bars are 99.9% pure silver each have their own unique serial number. Johnson Matthey was founded in Lo...
1 - 99 $18.62 $19.22
100 - 499 $18.58 $19.17
500+ $18.52 $19.11
*Price changes every 5 seconds. The price added to cart will reflect the current spot price. Discount is calculated savings compared to credit card pricing for one unit quantity.

Silver Bullion Coins

In addition to private minting facilities, national governments also produce silver bullion products. These government mints produce highly pure silver coins that are given a face value, are inscribed with the year of issue, and bear the name of the country of origin. These three considerations distinguish government-issued coins from non-monetary forms of bullion.

Though they are government-issued and designated as legal tender, the intrinsic value of silver bullion coins generally far outweighs their ascribed face value. As a result, they are traded on the basis of their silver content. The standard weight for bullion coins is normally one troy ounce, although the Perth Mint (Australia) and the Royal Canadian Mint, among others, now offer a variety of sizes. The weight and purity of silver coins are always backed by the full faith and credit of the government that issued them.

There are numerous reasons why silver bullion coins are traded all over the globe; chief among them is that they are easily identifiable. An astute precious metals investor will immediately recognize a Silver Eagle or Silver Maple on sight. Whether you intend to buy or sell these coins, experienced international traders are aware that these coins contain pure silver. Bullion coins are backed by a government guarantee, making them rather liquid, or easy to exchange.

Silver bullion coins are a popular investment choice not only for their silver content, but also for their potential numismatic appreciation due to factors such as low mintage and rarity. Interest in a certain design or demand for a particular year of issue can render bullion coins collectible. Complete sets of certain government bullion series, especially those in proof finish, sometimes become desirable to coin collectors. This collectible potential means that semi-numismatic bullion coins will often command higher premiums when resold on the secondary market.

Silver Bars

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of “bullion” is a smooth, shiny bar. Indeed, bars are the most common form of bullion silver. They command some of the lowest premiums over spot for any bullion product and enjoy widespread popularity.

Most silver bars are rectangular-shaped so they can be neatly stacked. This makes storage and transport far easier, facilitating the exchange of bullion across long distances. Silver bars (also known as ingots) have been traded in this manner for hundreds of years--partly in observance of tradition, and partly because it is the most efficient means for doing so.

Silver bars also offer the widest variety of sizes to choose from, giving the customer plenty of options. The standard sizes which are traded most frequently are 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz sizes. Meanwhile, even larger bars up to 1,000 oz are available, but due to their large size, they are most commonly used in institutional transactions rather than individual investments. For instance, the size of a London “Good Delivery” silver bar, generally used by large banks and commodity exchanges, is expected to fall between 900 and 1,050 troy oz (about 23-34 kilos) in weight, and will not be accepted if it is less than 750 oz. Depending on the customs of the specific country or locality, silver bars may be measured in grams or kilograms rather than troy ounces, although the troy ounce remains the international standard.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many private refineries produce silver bars in fractions of an ounce for those who want to start with a modest investment. Smaller, more affordable bars are also useful if you want to divvy up your bullion to distribute as gifts or as a form of payment. Just recently, the renowned refiner Valcambi SA has unveiled a new product called the Combibar, a divisible bullion bar that can actually be snapped apart into convenient minibar pieces weighing just one gram. These detachable minibars offer unprecedented flexibility for the active silver bug, and they're ideal for emergency purposes, especially if you want to travel with some usable silver in preparation for the worst case scenario.

Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are essentially the same as bars; they simply come in a different shape. Like silver bars, rounds also come from private mints, are available in many sizes, can be purchased for low premiums, and are designed for easy stacking. More importantly, both bars and rounds contain the same investment-grade silver, making silver rounds a convenient choice for inclusion in an IRA.

The shape of rounds alludes to coins, most likely for the sake of familiarity. In practice, however, silver rounds are more similar to bars, as they are exchanged on the basis of their underlying metal content and come in a variety of sizes. The standard size for rounds is 1 troy oz. Think of rounds as having the same basic properties as bars, except their appearance more closely resembles that of coins. Rounds also have the advantage of costing lower premiums than most coins.

Many popular silver rounds even borrow classic coin designs—such as the Silver Buffalo Design, Walking Liberty Design, and Morgan Dollar Design. These rounds harken to fondly-remembered coins of early-twentieth century vintage: the Buffalo Head nickel, Walking Liberty half dollar, and Morgan dollar, respectively. Rounds can offer the opportunity to compile beautiful, historic, and meaningful artwork while still accumulating pure silver at a bargain price. Gainesville Coins offers a large selection of silver rounds that are Made in the U.S.A., struck at ISO:9001-certified mints, and are eligible for inclusion in your precious metals IRA.

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