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Isle of Man Gold Coins

Isle of Man Gold Coins are minted by the Pobjoy Mint and include a dizzying array of designs and themes. Gold Coins from the Pobjoy Mint are mostly 24k or .9999 pure and can be purchased in increments of 1 oz, ½ oz, 1/5 oz, and 1/25 ounce. Some Pobjoy Mint gold coins are 22k. The Pobjoy Mint’s best known gold bullion coin is the Isle of Man Gold Bullion Angel Coin. The Pobjoy Mint has also minted a wide variety of gold coins that commemorate a historical event or focuses on a theme. For example the Pobjoy Mint has a series of gold coins with a different feline on the coins obverse for the cat-loving gold investor. Commemorative gold coins from the Pobjoy Mint include Olympic themed gold coins. Gainesville Coins carries a large inventory of gold coins from the Pobjoy Mint, including proof gold coins and gold coins sets.

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