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Australian Lunar Series 2

The Perth Mint’s Lunar Silver Series 2 began in 2008 with Year of the Mouse silver coin and runs through 2019 with the Year of the Pig. The Perth Mint Lunar Series is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and has become one of the best known precious metal bullion series today. As the Perth Mint states “Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in pure silver, and collect a coin series steeped in tradition and symbolism.”

2008-Mouse, 2009-Ox, 2010-Tiger, 2011-Rabbit, 2012-Dragon, 2013-Snake, 2014-Horse, 2015-Goat, 2016-Monkey, 2017-Rooster, 2018-Dog, 2019-Pig, It is worth noting that the Perth Mint Lunar Series 2 overlaps with Series 1 in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The design of the Series 1 coins differs from the Series 2 coins despite the fact that they were of the same animal.

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