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Tokelau Silver Coins

Tokelau is a territory made of three coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, north of Samoa, east of Tuvalu and south of the Phoenix Islands. Tokelau has been administered as a territory of New Zealand since 1926, and Tokelau natives are considered New Zealand citizens. Tokelau has the smallest economy of any country on Earth. It sells Internet domains under the .tk extension, which supplies 1/6 of their GDP. The only way to travel to Tokelau is by a twice-monthly ship from Samoa.

Tokelau uses the New Zealand dollar as its currency, but the New Zealand Mint has minted silver commemorative coins for the tiny island nation since 1978 to provide extra income.


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    1988 Tonga 5 oz Proof Silver 2 Pa'anga - Seoul Olympiad


    1+ $204.66 $211.01

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    2013 Tokelau 1 oz Silver Lunar Year of the Snake (.999 Pure)


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    2013 Republic Of Palau 1 oz Proof Silver High Relief Lunar Snake (With Box & COA)


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    is Available
    2013 Werewolf 2 oz Mythical Creatures Coin - Republic Of Palau (With Box & COA)


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    is Available
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