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Canadian Gold: Previous Years

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are a staple for any coin connoisseur. The .9999 fine gold coins come in diverse designs, as well. This category brings not only the previous year Gold Maple Leaf coins of all denominations together, but also any back dated gold commemorative coins Gainesville Coins carries.

Establishment of the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is a leading precious metal refinery and coin distributor.

The Ottawa Mint Facility

The Royal Canadian Mint was established in 1908. With the need for coinage rising in Canada and the long transport time coinage from London had, a Royal Canadian Mint was proposed in 1890. The mint consists of two facilities, the Ottawa facility and the Winnipeg facility. The Ottawa facility was the first of the two to be established. At the start of the Great Depression, the Ottawa facility was still under British sovereign, but the facility managed to arrange for its independence.

Today, the Ottawa facility makes commemorative coins, collector coins, and bullion coins, bars, medals, and rounds. The mint plant is the main gold refiner of the two facilities.

The Winnipeg Mint Facility

In 1960, with an even higher demand for coinage in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint proposed building a new facility. The actual building of the new facility took many years because of a lack of agreement of where the second mint facility should be built. Many argued that the new facility should be in the capital region instead of in Winnipeg. This debate would continue until December of 1971, when it was finally decided upon building the facility in Winnipeg. In 1976, the Winnipeg mint was opened for business.

Gold Maples as Investments

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was the world's first modern pure gold bullion coin when it debuted in 1979 and, while keeping up-to-date with coins may be one way to invest in gold, it shouldn’t be forgotten that previous year Maples are exemplary investments. The intrinsic value of gold is essentially boundless and as Canadian Maples are made of both gold and silver, they are excellent investments. Maples contribute to both gold and silver collections.

Many gold investors may worry about investing in quality gold, but with the Canadian Royal Mint there is no need to worry. The Canadian Royal Mint is renowned for its quality .9999 fine gold and silver, making all denominations of Canadian gold exceptional precious metals. Buy these fine gold examples from Gainesville Coins today.

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