How Much is Gold Bullion Worth?

Posted On: Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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Gainesville Coins Puts a Price on Gold Bullion

How much is gold bullion worth? If one shops at Gainesville Coins, the Internet’s shiniest online coin dealer, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Lutz, Florida, May 13, 2008—Gainesville Coins is one of the Internet’s biggest coin trading and selling companies. The company is staffed by professional numismatists, serious students, and collectors of coins and coin trading. Its business is in buying and selling rare quality coins such as a gold bullion coin. The most recent victory of the successful online company has been the merging of Gainesville Coins with University Coins, one of the company’s foremost competitors. Now with the merger behind them, Gainesville Coins expects to find even greater success in the highly competitive coin trading business.

Gold bullion refers to a precious golden coin made through a specific process. Bullion, by definition, usually refers to precious metals in bulk form; that is, metals that are high in demand or in market value. Bullion can then be minted into a coin. Bullions (particularly gold bullion) are valued by their mass and purity.

Gainesville Coins realizes the selling potential of the gold bullion coin and offers these rare items for sale on its website. One of its most popular offerings is a one ounce collection of 2007 bullion coins, including the prominent Gold Eagle $50 coin as well as other bullions of silver, platinum, and ultra cameo. The store is currently offering the rare collection for $4,575.

Despite carrying high priced rare coins, the company states that what separates them from the competition is its average low price for most collectible coins. The price of gold bullion may not be priceless after all.

About Gainesville Coins
Gainesville Coins is one of the leading retailers of coins online, and also one of the most trusted. The company has the endorsements of theIndependent Grading Company as well as the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation.

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