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1984 1 oz Engelhard Prospector Silver Round .999 Fine (Eagle Reverse)

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  • $19.50

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Product Details

The 1984 year marked the first time that Prospector Silver Rounds used an American Eagle on the reverse. This Engelhard round is composed of 1 oz .999 fine silver. Since being bought out by BASF Industries, Engelhard silver rounds like these prospectors can only be purchased on the secondary market. These rounds now considered to be collectibles and are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike

The obverse shows a prospector sifting for gold in a river with "THE AMERICAN PROSPECTOR" circling around the round underneath him and "U.S.A." and the year "1984" flanking on either side of him. The reverse depicts an American Eagle soaring in front of the American flag while grasping an olive branch in its talon. The company name "ENGLEHARD", weight and purity are circled around the edge of the round.

The U.S born company, Englehard, was one of the worlds largest refiners of precious metals having over 100 years of experience in the bullion industry. They are still, one of the most trusted brand names in the precious metals industry.


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