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1982 1 oz Engelhard Prospector Silver Round .999 Fine (Large E Reverse)


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Product Details

The 1982 1 oz Engelhard Prospector Silver Round was the first and last silver round ever produced by Engelhard. It was continuously manufactured from 1982-1987, when Engelhard ceased production of silver rounds altogether. During their climax Engelhard Prospectors dominated the one-ounce silver round market.

Due to Engelhard discontinuing production of these rounds, Engelhard Prospectors can now only be found on the secondary market. In recent years some have started collecting all of the various Engelhard Prospectors silver rounds based on the date and image on the reverse, Large E or Eagle.

Like all Engelhard Prospectors, the 1982 Silver Round bears the same kneeling prospector panning for, oddly enough, gold. The aged man works tirelessly along the river's edge, using the water to separate precious metal from soil. Inscribed along the bottom edge of the round is, "The American Prospector." The mint date is printed behind him.

Although the round's obverse design remained the same, the reverse featured altering designs. On this 1982 Engelhard Prospector the reverse depicts the large E image. The Engelhard E is encircled by a globe, with the company's name printed above. The bottom bears the round's weight and purity.


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