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Mexican Onza 1 oz Silver Coin Random Dates


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Product Details

These Mexican Onza 1 oz Silver Coins are 41 mm in diameter and are made of 33.625 grams (1.186 oz) of .925 (Sterling) Silver. The fine silver content is 1 oz of pure silver. The dates on these coins will range from 1947 to 1980, and the mint mark may appear on obverse or reverse.

The obverse features an antique hand-operated coin press, with the official name of the Mexican Mint along the border, with the date.

The reverse features a pair of hand scales, with the purity, “Ley .925,” the denomination of Peso, and the total weight of the coin, “33.625 gramos” (1.186 oz.) In large letters around the border, the coin proclaims the one troy ounce of pure silver that the coin contains. Coins of pure silver would be too soft to withstand circulation and would wear down too easily.

Stock photo is for reference only. Date and condition are chosen randomly from available inventory.


Product Specifications
Legal Tender: yes
Mint: Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexican Mint)

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