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1884-CC GSA Morgan Silver Dollar (With Box and COA)


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The 1884-CC GSA Morgan Silver Dollar is a highly sought after by collectors for its numismatic value. It measures 38.1 mm in diameter and has a gross weight of 26.73 grams. These 1884-CC Morgan Silver Dollars were part of the so-called "GSA (Government Services Administration) Hoard" that was dispersed by the federal government to collectors during the 1970s.

The obverse of the Morgan Silver Dollar displays George T. Morgan's handsome design of Miss Liberty and the national motto, "E PLURIBUS UNUM." The reverse side features an eagle, wings spread in heraldic pose, holding an olive branch and arrows between its talons. Directly above are the words "IN GOD WE TRUST," and a laurel wreath surrounds the eagle. The eagle on the reverse of the Morgan Silver Dollar is similar to previous American coin reverses based on the Great Seal, though Morgan gave his eagle softer features and omitted the shield. The coin's edges are reeded.

Much of the GSA Hoard consisted of well-preserved silver dollars from the Carson City Mint. The Carson City branch closed its doors for operation in 1893, and higher grade examples of Morgan Dollars with the CC mintmark were thought to be fairly scarce. Although the release of the GSA Hoard of Morgan Silver Dollars has made Uncirculated examples of this coin more common, Gainesville Coins sells each of these Uncirculated 1884-CC Silver Dollars with a Certificate of Authenticity and GSA box. We are proud to offer this collectible silver coin for purchase, available online 24/7 at


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