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1950 - 1952 Canadian Silver Dollars (George VI)


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The 1950-1952 Canadian Silver Dollars are made of .600 oz of silver. These coins would be the last years George VI would appear on Canadian coins before passing away on February 6, 1952.

Stock photo is for reference only. Orders will be filled with coins of random dates and condition from inventory on-hand.


The obverse of an uncrowned George VI was designed by T. H. Paget. The abbreviated motto in Latin reads “George VI By The Grace Of God King.” His title of Emperor of India was removed from all coins in 1948 after India gained its independence.


The reverse, designed by Emanuel Hahn, shows a French Canadian “Voyageur” traveling by canoe with an Indian partner. These pioneer fur traders of the Canadian wilderness were heroes of folklore and song. Bales of furs can be seen in the floor of the canoe, as the men head back to civilization. The date is inscribed below the canoe, with the denomination “DOLLAR” underneath. The word “CANADA.” is inscribed across the top border


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