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Elizabeth II Canadian Silver 25 Cents Coin (.15 troy ounces)

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  • $20.42

*Spot Price based on 1 troy oz


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Product Details

Gainesville Coins offers these 80% Pure Elizabeth II Canadian Silver Quarters. Each one carries a face value of twenty-five cents, and can be used at this amount in Canada. These quarters that were minted from 1953 - 1967 contain .15 troy ounces of 80% pure silver

The obverse of every coin displays the young profile of Queen Elizabeth II with the words, "Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina," encircling her. The reverse displays a Caribou looking towards the left at the inscription that reads, "Canada." The coins face value of .25 cents is encircled in the Caribou's antlers, and the year is located on the far right side, behind the antlers.

80% Canadian Quarters are made by the Royal Canadian Mint (RMC), which is responsible for the production of all legal tender coins in Canada. According to the RMC, the proper name for the quarter is 25 cent piece and it is equal to one fourth of a Canadian dollar.

*Coins are random dates the actual design of each may differ from image shown.


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