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1978 Canadian Silver Dollar - Commonwealth Games Edmonton (With Original Box)


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Product Details

The Canadian 1978 Commonwealth Games Silver Dollar is a special mintage to commemorate the 1978 Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This 36mm diameter coin contains .375 oz of silver and come in the original black imitation leather box from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Stock photo is for reference only.


To accommodate the Commonwealth Games logo on reverse, the date, denomination and nationality of the coin was moved to the obverse. The mirror finish bust of Queen Elizabeth wears a brilliant finish tiara. The queen’s name along the bottom is separated from the rest of the inscription by dots. The inscriptions “DOLLAR”, “1978” and “CANADA” are separated by maple leaf icons.


The reverse features Raymond Taylor’s design of the logo for the XI Commonwealth Games. Pictograms of eleven different sports surround a stylized Maple Leaf, with the inscription “XI GAMES - XI JEAUX Commonwealth Edmonton 1978”


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