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1964 Bermuda One Crown Silver Coin (.3636 oz)


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Product Details

Own a piece of Bermuda island nation history with the 1964 Bermuda One Crown Silver Coin (.3636 oz). The obverse reveals an effigy of young Queen Elizabeth II, with the Latin inscription, "Elizabeth II, Dei Gratia Regina," meaning, "By the Grace of God." The reverse of the coin shows the Bermuda coat of arms, and is stamped, "One Bermuda Crown," and, "Quo Fata Ferunt," meaning, "Whither the Fates carry."

The Bermuda Coat of Arms features a lion, who represents England, holding a shield etched with a ship that has been run aground. The ship in the etching is the "Sea Venture," and was the flagship of the Virginia Company on its way to Jamestown, Virginia. The ship ran aground, purposefully, during a storm at sea, and all passengers on board were saved, thanks to the swift actions of Admiral Sir George Somers. Coincidentally, the reef that the ship ran aground on was the Bermuda reef, and thus the island nation was formed in 1609.


Customer Reviews

5.0 stars out of 5
  • Absolutely beautiful condition

    By TAR Saturday, February 15, 2014

    I got this because I collect diversely from around the world (as long as it has PM content) and was thoroughly impressed. I got an uncirculated beautiful gem. As near as i can tell anyhow. It's a fairly large coin and the condition was exceptional. I'm very pleased Gainesville, keep it up and you will become my main supplier. :)

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