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Venezuela Cacique Tamanaco Gold Coin (.1736 oz of Gold)


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Minted between 1955 and 1960, the “Cacique” series of Venezuelan Gold Coins were minted by the Inter-Change Bank Suiza and honored legendary native chieftains of Venezuela. Tamanaco was one of the most powerful tribal leaders to contest the Spanish conquest of Venezuela. Extra troops were order to Venezuela from Spain specifically to capture him. Legend says that he was given the option to fight a war dog instead of being hanged and died of wounds to the throat.

This coin, made of .1736 oz of gold features the fearsome visage of Tamanaco’s severed head, with the Caciques de Venezuela legend. The reverse has a fist clutching arrows (the logo of the Caciques series,) and are marked GR .6 Oro 900 Ley. Stock photo- Coins may differ in date.


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