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2012 1 oz Proof Silver Dragons of Legend - St. George and the Dragon (With Box and COA)


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Product Details

Gainesville Coins is pleased to offer this 2012 1 oz Proof Silver Dragons of Legend - St. George and the Dragon coin. This coin was struck at the Perth Mint as part of the Dragons of Legend series, and comes complete with a stylish black display case and a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). This series looks at five different mythological ideologies of dragons across the world: the Red Welsh Dragon, Chinese Dragon, St. George Dragon, Bulgarian Three-Headed Dragon, and the European Green Dragon.

On the reverse of the coin sits St. George upon his valiant steed in full armor, about to slay a dragon. The two of them stand out in full color against the medieval countryside with the a castle in the background. The reverse of the coin is inscribed, "Dragons of Legend, 1 oz 999 Fine Silver," across the top, "St.George and the Dragon," across the bottom, and, "$1" under the St.George's horse.

While there are different versions of the tale of St. George and the Dragon, the most common adaptation tells of a dragon living in the spring from which the people of a town get their water. To get the dragon away long enough for them to get water safely, the town's people offer a sheep or a maiden as sacrifice. Many are drawn to see which maiden has been selected to be sacrificed and one day the princess of the town is chosen. Right before the dragon is going to eat her, St. George rides up, halts the sacrifice, slays the dragon, and saves the princess.

The obverse of the coin, features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, and is inscribed with the words, "Queen Elizabeth II, 1 Dollar, Tuvalu," and the date of release at, "2012." The Perth Mint of Australia produces these coins, however, the Island Nation of Tuvalu backs the value of them, and thus the Tuvalu name appears on the obverse of the coins.


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