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Panama 20 Balboa Proof Silver Simon Bolivar Coin - 3.85 oz of Silver (No COA)


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Panama 20 Balboa Proof Silver Simon Bolivar Coin - (3.85 oz of Silver).

The Panama 20 Balboa proof silver (3.85 oz) Simon Bolivar coin is legal tender of the Republic of Panama and contains a minimum of 2000 grains of sterling silver. The Franklin Mint produced the Balboa with authorization from the Panamanian government. There is no certificate of authenticity for this item. The dates on the coins you receive are our choice and based on in stock inventory.


This coin features the head of Simon Bolivar with his name and the years of his life (1783-1830) inscribed above him.

Simon Bolivar was a South American solider and statesmen who led revolutions against Spanish rule. He was the president of Gran Columbia and the dictator of Peru.


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