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2008 Beijing Olympics 1 oz Silver Mascots 5-Coin Set


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Product Details

2008 Beijing Olympics 1 oz Silver Mascots 5-Coin Set.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics blew away audiences world wide. Now you can bring home the magic with the 1 oz silver Mascots 5 coin set. This set comes in a wooden box with the certificate of authenticity .


This set features the mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Called “Fuwa” or “The Friendlies,” each character is unique, representing a different country and sport from the games. The blue BeiBei represents Europe and aquatic sports. The panda Jingjing represents Africa and sports like weightlifting and judo, etc. The red Huanhuan represents America and ball-related sports. The orange Yingying represents Asia and track and field. The green Nini represents Oceania and gymnastics. When their names are put together in Chinese they spell out “Beijing welcomes you.” They were designed by Han Meilin.


This side shows an athlete in mid-leap. It has the logo for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the colored Olympic rings.


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