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  • 1965 75th Anniversary Go - thumbnail
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1965 75th Anniversary Go Wyoming Silver Art Round - 1.90 oz of Silver

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Product Details

The 1965 Wyoming 75th Anniversary Silver Art Round is a commemorative medal made by the Medalic Art Co. of New York from 1.90 oz of 99.9% pure silver. There were only 2000 made.

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The obverse features the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming. A woman in robes stands atop a pillar, with a banner reading “Equal Rights.” Women have had the right to vote in Wyoming since it first became a territory in 1869. Two flanking pillars are topped with the Lamps of Knowledge, and the banners entwined on them read “Livestock Grains Mines Oil,” the four major industries of the state. These pillars are flanked to the left by a cowboy and to the right by a miner. The American Eagle atop the Union Shield are at the foot of the dias. The Roman numerals XLIV mean “44.” Wyoming was the 44th state in the Union. The dates 1869 and 1890 below the shield are the dates of Wyoming’s admission as a Territory and as a State.


Around the raised rim of the reverse is the motto “1890 - 75th Anniversary - 1965” and “Go West Go Wyoming.” The center features an oil well being used as a scale. In the left weighing pan is a Conestoga Wagon, and in the right is a stylized rocket ship. Across the balance of the scale is a 19th Century train. These three vehicles represent the advances in transportation that built Wyoming, from the first settlers to modern times. A cowboy with lariat looks on from the foreground, and the well is framed by cattle, a farm, mountains and forest, and elk.

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