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1984 Canadian Toronto Silver Dollar (.375 oz of Silver) - With Original Box


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Product Details

This 1984 Canadian Toronto Silver Dollar Coin celebrates the 150th anniversary of Toronto with a mix of the past and present, as a Native American maneuvers a canoe in the water in front of the present Toronto skyline. The very first Canadian Silver Dollar was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1935, as a tribute to King George V's Silver Jubilee.The coin weighs 23.33 grams, and has a diameter of 36.07 mm.

The front of the coin, or obverse, carries an image of Queen Elizabeth II inscribed with, Elizabeth II D.G. Regina," which means, "Elizabeth II By the Grace of God, Queen," in Latin. The back of the coin, or reverse, displays a scene showing an American Indian paddling a birch-bark canoe in a body of water against a backdrop of the Toronto skyline. The coin has, “Canada,” inscribed at the top, “Dollar,” at the bottom, and, “1834 Toronto 1984,” under the image. David Craig, a Toronto artist, designed the coin's reverse.

Purchase your very own 1984 Canadian Silver Dollar 150th Anniversary of Toronto silver coin from!


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