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1915-1949 Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coin - (.1447 oz of Silver)


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The Cuba 20 Centavos Silver Coin is minted from 90% pure silver and are offered her in random dates of our choice in circulated condition. Each coin has an Actual Silver Weight (ASW) of .1447 troy oz of pure silver. The .90 fine 20 centavos silver coin was minted between 1915 and 1949 as a circulation legal tender coin, and has a denomination of 20 cents. It is 23 mm in diameter and features a reeded edge.

The obverse features a centered portrait of the Cuban National Arms surrounded by a wreath. The title, "Republica de Cuba," arches over the top of the rim. Since this is a government issued circulation coin, its face value of 20 centavos or 20 cents is spelled out along the bottom. On the reverse of the coin is a large five-pointed star which symbolizes independence. Writing surrounds most of the rim and it specifies the weight, date, and purity of the coin at, "2.5grams," and, "900M," with dates somewhere between 1915 and 1949. Along the right side is the motto, "Patria Y Libertad," meaning, "Fatherland and Liberty," in English.

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