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1/2 oz Silver Round | Walking Liberty Design .999 Pure


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Product Details

These 1/2 oz Silver Walking Liberty Design Rounds are privately minted retake on the popular U.S. Coin design. Weighing in at a 1/2 ounce of .999 fine silver, this Lady Liberty is an affordable and attractive reminiscence of 19th century American coinage. Gainesville Coins helps celebrate U.S. coinage history by offering these 1/2 oz silver rounds at reasonable prices.

The front of these 1/2 oz Liberty Rounds bear the majestic portrait of Lady Liberty as she strolls along the American soil at sunrise, blessing the ground in her wake, and clutching branches of oak and laurel to signify American success in war and civic matters. The face of the silver round is inscribed, "Liberty," and, "In God We Trust." The back of the round is struck with the Seal of the U.S.A., inscribed, "United States of America, One Half Troy Ounce," and, ".999 Fine Silver."

Privately minted in the United States, these Liberty Silver Rounds do not carry the blessing of legal tender, but are valued members of any silver collection. Silver Rounds make very creative gifts for family members and friends. Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio, complete your collection, or share the joy of this beautiful 1/2 oz Silver Walking Liberty Design Round, Gainesville Coins is the right place to supply your demand. COPY


Product Specifications
IRA Approved: Yes

Customer Reviews

5.0 stars out of 5
  • cheap

    By Ort84 Monday, December 23, 2013

    these rounds are very cheap and have a nice design that resembles the silver eagle. Bought 20 and they arrived in a tube so storage is easy.

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