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1975-1979 German 5 Deutsche Mark Silver Coin (0.225 oz of Silver)


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Product Details

The 1975-1979 German 5 Deutsche Mark Silver Coin is minted from .625 fine silver. Each coin measures 29 mm in diameter and contains .225 troy oz of pure silver. These German legal tender silver coins have a face value of 5 marks. The years will range from 1975-1979 and will be randomly selected from stock at hand.

The designs on these coins vary depending on year, but usually they have a German eagle with the date and denomination on the obverse. This side is also typically inscribed with "Federal Republic of Germany"in German. The reverse design of the 5 Deutsche Marks varies depending on the year. The 1975 in particular features a series of building facades and the year.

The Deutsche Mark was the official currency of West Germany, and then Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, until 1999. It was then replaced by the euro, but remained in circulation until 2002.


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