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  • PAMP Suisse Gloria Nativity - thumbnail
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  • PAMP Suisse Gloria Nativity - thumbnail
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PAMP Suisse Gloria Nativity Proof Silver 3-Coin Set (With Box & COA)

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Product Details

PAMP Suisse once again raises the bar with this exquisite 2014 "Gloria: The Story of Nativity" Proof Silver 3-Coin Set. Using a unique combination of frosted and mirrored features, as well as low and high relief, the original artwork of these 1 troy oz .999 fine silver coins bring to life the story of the Nativity in amazing detail. These three legal tender proof silver coins are 40mm in diameter and have a face value of two dollars. Each coin depicts a major moment in Christ's birth: The Journey to Bethlehem, The Star of Bethlehem, and The Adoration of the Magi.

The Journey to Bethlehem shows Joseph and Mary as they travel to Bethlehem. The technique used to strike this coin gives the image a three dimensional feel, with tall grass in the foreground, Joseph and Mary in the center, and trees and sheep in the background.

In The Star of Bethlehem, two mountain shepherds gaze in wonder at the beacon of Christ's birth shining above Bethlehem. Every aspect of the image, from the sheep in the foreground to the rocky outcropping to the shepherds clothing, all look almost photographic in their detail.

The Adoration of the Magi depicts the Three Kings kneeling before a radiant Mary holding the Christ Child. They offer her gold, frankincense, and myrrh, with the ramshackle stable framing the scene and a starry night in the background.

These three proof silver coins come in a beautiful white presentation case with sky blue interior. The included illustrative booklet also serves as Certificate of Authenticity for this set, which is limited to 4,000 world-wide. There has never been a silver Nativity coin set with such awe-inspiring detail as this one. The "Gloria: The Story of Nativity" proof silver coin set is sure to become a treasured heirloom and beautiful family Christmas memory.

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