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  Learning Center Spotlight 10 oz silver bar

10 oz Silver Bars

Product Spotlight

10 oz silver bars are a means of storing wealth used by governments, corporations and individuals alike. They are simply rectangular metal bars containing 10 troy ounces of silver. A number of private firms produce silver 10 oz bars, which are typically 99.9% pure silver. Their shape lends itself to stacking, making for easy storage and transport.

People have viewed silver as intrinsically valuable for centuries and have long used it as a medium of exchange. Some of the earliest coins were made of silver. This rich history has helped propel silver into the forefront of today's commodity markets.

Buying Silver Bars

Silver bars are widely seen as a safe haven for preserving your wealth during periods of economic uncertainty. To combat the recent financial crisis and the mounting national debt, the Federal Reserve has adopted an unconventional monetary policy known as “quantitative easement,” or a prolonged injection of cash into the equity markets. The inescapable result of this influx of paper money is a rise in inflation. As more dollar bills are printed, each note becomes worth less and less in real terms. Physical silver investment offers a tangible alternative to the declining value of the dollar.

The real value of any non-tangible asset can drop rapidly due to negative trends in the equity markets. This is especially true amid concerns of hyperinflation and bank defaults which constantly threaten the strength of the dollar. History has proven that owning physical silver provides a hedge against the adverse effects of runaway inflation and a weak dollar. This is why many choose to buy 10 oz silver bars as a low-cost tangible asset in order to balance and diversify their financial portfolio.

Silver bars are traded extensively on the world exchange markets; 10 oz silver bars are among the most widely traded sizes. Ten ounce silver bars also provide greater flexibility when it comes time to buy or sell your investment, compared to 100 oz silver bars.

In addition, there is no numismatic value associated with silver bars. This means you avoid paying an expensive premium over the spot price (or market price) of silver when you buy 10 oz silver bars. The low premium over spot associated with silver bars allows you to affordably accumulate a significant amount of silver at a cost close to its melt value.

Buy 10 oz Silver Bars

Selling Silver Bars

sell silver bars

At Gainesville Coins, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry. We also pay top dollar if you choose to sell your gold and silver. Unlike most other precious metal dealers, there are no minimum order requirements. No matter how small or large the request, the Gainesville Coins Team is ready to help!

Sell Your Silver Bars

IRA Eligible Silver


Many silver bullion bars are approved for inclusion in an individual retirement account (IRA). Pursuant to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, precious metals can be added to a self-directed IRA if the bullion meets a minimum purity requirement and comes from an accredited assayer, refiner, or manufacturer. Examples of accreditation include (but are not limited to) the LBMA, COMEX or NYMEX, ISO 9000, and government backing. You can find an array of IRA approved silver for sale at Gainesville Coins.

Popular 10 oz Silver Bars

Many wonder which are best silver bars to buy. There really is no right answer to this question. Below are some of the most frequently bought and traded 10 oz silver bars. Especially for those who plan to eventually resell their bars on the secondary market, these popular brands may be what you're looking for.

  • Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bars

    Engelhard 10 oz Silver Bar

    Although Engelhard no longer actively mints silver bars, it continues to carry clout in the precious metals industry. Because of their limited nature and varying designs, 10 oz Engelhard silver bars have attained collectible status.

  • Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bars

    Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar

    One of the best-known names in precious metals, Johnson Matthey has been at the heart of England's precious metals trade since the nineteenth century. Vintage 10 oz Johnson Matthey silver bars from the 1970s and 1980s have become collectible, as well.

  • Sunshine Mint 10 oz Silver Bars

    Sunshine Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

    The Sunshine Mint is noteworthy for making the silver blanks used for the production of American Silver Eagles by the U.S. Mint. This trustworthy mint is known for producing items with low premiums over spot. 10 oz Sunshine Mint silver bars are a cost-effective way to start stacking silver.

  • Heraeus 10 oz Silver Bars

    Heraeus 10 oz Silver Bar

    The Swiss refinery and technology group, Argor-Heraeus, continues to acquire a reputation for innovation and exceptional quality. In fact, Goldbarren-Wiki, a German company that provides information on the precious metal industry, nominated Heraeus as “ingot producer of the year” for 2013.

  • Pamp Suisse 10 oz Silver Bars

    PAMP Suisse 10 oz Silver Bar

    Long recognized as one of the global leaders in the refining industry, PAMP has become renown for the elegance and intricacy of the designs on their silver bars. Many feature Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of chance, fortune, and luck.

  • Credit Suisse 10 oz Silver Bars

    Credit Suisse 10 oz Silver Bar

    Credit Suisse is yet another preeminent company out of Switzerland that is active in refining gold and silver. While it principally operates the massive Credit Suisse Bank and other worldwide financial services, Credit is also well-known for the beauty and high quality of its silver bars.

10 oz Silver Art Bars

Art bars are simply silver bullion bars that feature aesthetically pleasing artistic designs, many of which are commemorative in nature. The first significant wave of silver art bars were produced by smaller refineries during the 1970s to meet the public's demand for silver following its removal from U.S. coinage after 1964. Silver art bars were often given as gifts for graduating students, newborns, or acceptance into a prestigious organization. Recently, a number of refiners have revived the practice of minting silver art bars for sale, adding beauty and hobby interest to investment-grade silver bullion.

  • Trident 10 oz Silver Bars

    Trident 10 oz Silver Bar

    Trident believes silver bars shouldn't be lumps of bullion that collect dust in a closet, but are works of art in the own right. 10 oz Trident silver bars are graced by Neptune, the mighty God of the Sea. These bars are IRA-eligible for inclusion in your Precious Metals IRA.

  • Morgan 10 oz Silver Bars

    Morgan 10 oz Silver Bar

    These bars are Made in the USA at ISO:9001-certified mints. 10 oz Morgan Design silver bars feature an engraving of the beloved silver dollar designed by George T. Morgan. These generic bars honor the fondly-remembered coin in .999 fine silver.

  • Atlantis 10 oz Silver Bars

    Atlantis Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

    Also located within the United States, the Atlantis Mint specializes in poured silver bars that look as though they were recovered from a 17th-century shipwreck. These .999 fine silver bars feature vintage skull-and-crossbones images, among other designs.

Why Buy Silver From Gainesville Coins?

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Deciding where to buy silver bars is an important decision. Gainesville Coins is dedicated to providing our clients with high quality precious metal products and trusted customer service. We carry an array of 10 oz silver bars for sale from respected refiners. Our courteous customer service representatives are available to answer any questions and are eager to assist you in every step of the process. We strive to make your buying experience quick and easy. It's our belief that you deserve fast and friendly service and an atmosphere of professionalism.

As one of the nation's leading wholesalers of gold and silver, Gainesville Coins is happy to share our wealth of knowledge with prospective customers. That's why we've made our Learning Center available to the public. You can read historical articles, check out our helpful infographics, and find general information about how the precious metals business works. Prepare yourself with industry insights and learn how to buy silver bars and other bullion items!


Gainesville Coins has an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our continued devotion to meeting all of our customers' needs. We've also been awarded a 5-star rating by the National Inflation Association (NIA), the highest distinction a certified Gold and Silver Seller can receive from the NIA.

We're proud to provide our clients with secure and trusted online shopping, giving you peace of mind that any sensitive information about your finances or your computer will be protected. Your safety is in good hands, as we never share any of your identifying information with third parties.

Visit the Gainesville Coins showroom or order from the comfort of home, either online or by phone at (813) 482-9300.

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