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10 oz Silver Bar - Random Design (.999 Pure)

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Buy 10 oz Silver Bar - Random Design (.999 Pure)

Because it is the most affordable of the precious metals, silver is often bought it bulk. This could be in the form of coin rolls, containing many multiple coins, or perhaps in the form of a 100 oz silver bar. With 10 oz silver bars, you can find a comfortable middle-ground between the two: You don't have to commit to placing so much investment into a single bar, which must then be sold wholesale or melted down and recast, but you also acquire more silver consolidated in a single item than with smaller bullion products.

The 10 oz bar you receive will bear a random design, depending on what's available in our in-stock inventory at the time of your purchase. These designs may be simplistic and plain, with only the company logo and some minimal lettering, or it may feature a more complete design, like the images shown. In any case, each bar is marked with its exact weight and purity.

There are a number of reasons that investors choose to buy silver in large quantities, chief among them its affordable spot price for the time being. Silver is also lustrous, making the argent metal very appealing to the eye. These Random Design 10 oz silver bars (.999 pure) are made for stacking, with raised rims that allow for compact storage. If you've been looking for a way to invest in silver bullion without breaking your budget, 10 oz silver bars are an excellent place to start. Get yours for competitive pricing at Gainesville Coins today!