2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin - BU

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2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin - BU

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american gold eagle coin
american gold eagle coin
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Buy 2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Coin - BU

Gold Eagle coins come in a variety of sizes, and the 2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle has become a popular choice for investors as well as coin collectors. Its symbolic design and durability give it some obvious advantages in international trade.

Each 2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle has an actual gold weight (AGW) of one-quarter troy ounce (0.25 oz) and is struck from 22-karat gold (.917 fine gold). As legal tender, they bear a face value of 10 Dollars.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens's famous design of Liberty appears on the obverse of the coin. Lady Liberty is shown ascending a plateau while carrying an olive branch and a burning torch. Radiant light emits from behind her. "LIBERTY" is inscribed at the top rim, while the entire perimeter of the coin is filled with 50 stars. To the right of Lady Liberty, the year-date "2019" is inscribed. The edge is reeded.

For the reverse, artist Miley Busiek created a design depicting a family of bald eagles. The father eagle is returning to the nest carrying an olive branch while two eaglets are held close to their mother. The scene is flanked by the mottoes "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM" on each side. The specifications "1/4 OZ. FINE GOLD~10 DOLLARS" are inscribed at the bottom rim while the issuing nation "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" runs across the top rim.

There are many reasons why adding gold to your portfolio is an essential hedge against a market correction, but buying the 2019 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle is a great way to do so in incremental amounts. Afterward, you have the flexibility to liquidate small portions of your gold rather than an all-or-nothing proposition. Check out all of the gold and silver bullion items available at Gainesville Coins!