2019 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin

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2019 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (Brilliant Uncirculated)

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american gold eagle coin brilliant
american gold eagle coin brilliant
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Buy 2019 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (Brilliant Uncirculated)

The 2019 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin continues the tradition of being the the flagship gold bullion coin for the United States Mint. Its rich symbolic design and 22-karat gold have made the American Gold Eagle the premier gold coin in international trade today. The American Gold Eagle, like its predecessors, contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold. Each coin is struck from .917 fine gold. The rest of the alloy is made up of copper and a small amount of silver, giving the coins their distinctive color. The coin's legal tender face value is $50.

The obverse design was one of the final works of the famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, circa 1907. Lady Liberty is shown striding toward the viewer, radiant light emerging over the horizon behind her, as she lifts a burning torch above her head. Her other hand holds a large olive branch. The U.S. Capitol building is visible in the distance. Fifty stars line the outer rim, while inscriptions include "LIBERTY" at the top rim and the year-date "2019" to Miss Liberty's right.

A family of eagles appears on the reverse. Created by Miley Busiek in the 1980s, the scene shows a father eagle returning to the nest, where the mother eagle is protecting their two young. He carries an olive branch in his beak. Inscriptions include "1 OZ. FINE GOLD~50 DOLLARS" at the bottom rim, indicating the weight and denomination; the mottoes "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and "IN GOD WE TRUST" on either side of the eagle's nest; and the issuing country "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" along the top rim. The edge of the coin is reeded.

Since its debut in 1986, the American Gold Eagle has overtaken the South African Krugerrand (and the British Gold Sovereign before it) as the world's preferred international gold trade coin. Its diffusion has spread all over the world and it is widely recognized by anyone who is looking to Buy Gold Bullion. 

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