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In addition to being one of the nation's largest online distributors of precious metals, Gainesville Coins is also here to provide you with important, useful, and otherwise interesting articles about coins and bullion. We're always eager to share our industry insights to help you find the product that best fits what you're looking for; whether it's a collectible, gift, or investment, the GC Team has you covered! Search our library of articles for the topic you're curious about or simply browse through until you find something that catches your eye. Arm yourself with knowledge--and be entertained along the way!

gold in saudi arabia

10. Saudi Arabia

This is an article about the cultural applications of gold in Saudi Arabia, and how it functions in a country that is rich in natural resources.

gold in russia

9. Russia

This article is a about the cultural uses for gold in Russia. This article speaks a lot about the uses of Red gold in the jewelry industry in Russia.

gold in uae

8. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This article is about the applications of gold in the United Arab Emirates and focuses on the UAE's role as a gold hub for the entire Middle East.

gold in vietnam

7. Vietnam

This article is about the cultural uses of gold in Vietnam. It highlights some of the unique public, cultural, and commercial uses for gold in Vietnam

gold in germany

6. Germany

Germany has long been among Europe's leaders in the gold trade and refining industries. Germany also maintains the largest gold reserves in Europe.

gold in thailand

5. Thailand

This article concentrates on cultural applications for gold in Thailand. Much of the focus is on Thai jewelry, which unlike most, uses 23 karat gold

gold in turkey

4. Turkey

This article focuses on the role of gold in Turkey particularly its role as a major coin producer. It highlights the prolific minting of Turkish coins

gold in united states

3. United States

Gold is generally viewed as a tool in American culture. It is most frequently used for investment purposes and jewelry, and is valued for its worth.

gold in india

2. India

Gold is a source of avid fascination for the people of India. Until recently being surpassed by China, India had long led the world in gold imports.

gold in china

1. China

China is now the world's number one gold importer, with the highest domestic demand of any country. The Chinese continue to add to their reserves.

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