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In addition to being one of the nation's largest online distributors of precious metals, Gainesville Coins is also here to provide you with important, useful, and otherwise interesting articles about coins and bullion. We're always eager to share our industry insights to help you find the product that best fits what you're looking for; whether it's a collectible, gift, or investment, the GC Team has you covered! Search our library of articles for the topic you're curious about or simply browse through until you find something that catches your eye. Arm yourself with knowledge--and be entertained along the way!

timeline of gold

Timeline of Gold Use

Gold has been used, valued, and coveted by disparate cultures around the world for literally thousands of years. This Timeline traces gold's history.

premiums on precious metals products

Why Do Some Precious Metals Products Have Higher Premiums Than Others?

This article outlines the different types of precious metals available to buyers and what attributes contribute to their premiums over the spot price.

quantitative easing

What is Quantitative Easing?

Quantitative Easing is the process by which a central bank or monetary authority purchases troubled assets directly from financial institutions.

guy harvey interview

Interview With Dr. Guy Harvey

Read this interview to find out some of the personal thoughts and opinions of Guy Harvey himself. Dr. Harvey shares about artwork.

spot prices

What are spot prices?

Are you unsure about spot prices, what they mean, and how they are derived? Check out these helpful information pages that explain about spot prices.

metal detecting guide

Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting Guides

Treasure Hunting Tips and Metal Detecting Guides. How To Use a Metal Detector to Find Coins, Relics, and Treasure.

bull or bear market for gold

15 Experts Provide Insight On The Factors Contributing to a Bull or Bear Market For Gold in 2015

Fifteen different financial analysts and experts provide their opinions on whether we will see a bull market or bear market in gold throughout 2015.

where to buy metal detector

Where To Buy A Metal Detector

Guide on your options when buying a metal detector. How to decide between a new or used metal detector. What to look for when buying a metal detector.

relic hunting

Relic Hunting with a Metal Detector

Relic Hunting with a Metal Detector Finding War relics with a metal detector. Tips for finding relic sites

beach hunting

Beach Hunting With a Metal Detector

Learn how to treasure hunt with a metal detector on the beach. Read about strategies for hunting under the water, in dry sand, or in wet sand.

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