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2012 Fiji Taku Silver Coins on Sale at Gainesville Coins

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2012 Fiji Taku Silver Coins on Sale at Gainesville Coins



Gainesville Coins is having a sale on 2012 Fiji Taku silver coins in both the 1 oz and 1/2 oz versions. We offer tiered pricing on both these popular coins, with premiums as low as $3.79 over spot for the 1 oz Fiji Taku ($2 denomination) and $4.29 over spot for the 1/2 oz Fiji Taku ($1 denomination.) Both these coins are legal tender in Fiji, and feature the Loggerhead turtle, known in Fijian as the "taku." The taku has played an important part in Fijian culture as food and material for decorative items since ancient times.

These coins are made of guaranteed 99.9% pure silver and minted at the New Zealand Mint.

Colombia-5-peso-goldAlso on sale this week is the 1919-1924 Colombian 5 Peso gold coin. This coin is made of 22k gold (917 fineness) with an AGW of .2354 ozt. Like many South American coins of that era, the obverse features the profile of Simon Bolivar, who went from colony to colony across South America and led wars of independence against Spain in the 1800s.  This coin is available for as low as $9.99 over spot.

We also have plenty of Mexican Centenario de Oro 50 Peso gold coins in stock with tiered pricing, as low as $13.99 over spot. This coin is made of 900 fineness gold and has an AGW of 1.2057 ozt.

Mexican Gold Centenario 50 Peso Coin

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