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The team at Gainesville News is dedicated to bringing you relevant updates and analysis about the precious metals markets, as well as news in the broader financial markets. Our reporting reflects the crucial—and often overlooked—role that gold, silver, platinum and palladium play in the global economy, and how these metals interact with other assets and economic developments. We want to empower our readers with the latest information and industry perspectives on important events affecting the markets. We also provide occasional stories concerning geopolitics, important domestic developments, and other topics of interest. We always strive for objectivity and accuracy. Due to their diverse knowledge and professional backgrounds, our contributors also share their opinions where such insights may apply.

gold is money j p morgan accepts bullion as money

Gold Is Money: J.P. Morgan Accepts Bullion as Money

February 08, 2011

heritages largest world ancient coins auction tops 9 28m

Heritage’s Largest World & Ancient Coins Auction Tops $9.28M

February 02, 2011

india increases gold consumption in 2011

India Increases Gold Consumption in 2011

January 25, 2011

japan launches gold vending machines

Japan Launches Gold Vending Machines

January 18, 2011

gartman gold bubble has not popped

Gartman: Gold Bubble Has Not Popped

January 11, 2011

luna gold corp robbed of 2 million worth of gold

Luna Gold Corp Robbed of $2 Million Worth of Gold

January 07, 2011

Luna Gold Corp, based in British Columbia, Canada, has revealed that it was robbed for 1,500 ounces of gold, the equivalent of $2 million worth of metal.

four approaches to gold investment

Four Approaches to Gold Investment

December 29, 2010

consumer sentiment and spending make small gains

Consumer Sentiment and Spending Make Small Gains

December 23, 2010

wa she wong collection tops 10 7 million

Wa She Wong Collection Tops $10.7 Million

December 15, 2010

Read about the important coin auction in Hong Kong. The Wa She Wong Collection included many Chinese and other Asian coins, topping $10.7 million in sales.

gold still has plenty of room to run

Gold Still Has Plenty of Room to Run

December 08, 2010

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