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A Million Dollars of 2013 Silver Eagles - Photos from the January 2013 FUN Show

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A Million Dollars of 2013 Silver Eagles - Photos from the January 2013 FUN Show

This year's FUN Show in Orlando was packed, with all sorts of things going on: a big Heritage coin auction, activities for the kids like panning for gold and other contests, educational coin displays and just about anything you'd want as a coin collector. (Note: most of these photos have been previously posted on our Facebook page.)

We didn't get to see much of it ourselves, as we were so busy! We received our huge shipment of 2013 Silver Eagles direct from the U.S. Mint that Friday night, and rushed them to Orlando to have them on the floor when the doors opened Saturday morning. I heard from several people that they could tell where our booth was, from the crowds around it!

Crowds at the Gainesville Coins Booth Crowds at the Gainesville Coins Booth at the January 2013 FUN Show

We had five or six people working constantly the entire show. Saturday morning was the busiest, as we were the only ones at the show with the new Silver Eagles until later in the day.  We had a backstop wall made of stacked 500-coin "monster boxes" of  the 2013 Silver Eagles, which drew a crowd of people just to see it as well as many, many buyers.  Here is a photo of the stack later in the day:

$1 million of 2013 Silver Eagles $1 million of 2013 Silver Eagles

One Facebook fan counted the boxes in the photo and noted that that stack is worth $1 million. Would you rather sit on a cloud, or $1 million of pure silver?

Sitting on $1 million of 2013 Silver Eagles Sitting on $1 million of 2013 Silver Eagles

In addition to the gold and silver (and platinum) coins and bars, we had a "pet" 1000 troy oz silver Good Delivery bar on display. That's over 68 and a half pounds of pure silver!

1000ozsilverbar2 1000 oz of certified Good Delivery silver- 68.5 pounds!

People didn't believe it was real until we let them try to pick it up. Here's a close-up:

1000 oz silver bar 1000 oz silver bar

In addition to the new Silver Eagles and this monster chunk of silver, we had Gold and Silver Maple Leafs, PAMP Suisse bars, Gold Eagles, Philharmonics and much more! The various Perth Mint Lunar series in various sizes did quite well, too.

Remember, you don't have to wait until July for the next FUN Show to get great prices on gold and silver. Our phone trading floor is open M-F 9am to 6pm Eastern time, our showroom in Lutz, FL is open weekdays 10am to 5pm, and open Thursdays until 8pm, and of course you can buy from our site 24/7.

NOTE: A large number of new photos from the FUN Show have been posted in an album on our Facebook page.


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