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Introducing The Gold and Silver Chick!

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Introducing The Gold and Silver Chick!

It's official - Gainesville Coins is starting a new segment, and you're the center of attention!

We know the world of numismatics can feel overwhelming at times. It can be daunting to wade through the wealth of information, terminology, products and opinions out there. So where can you, the discerning coin enthusiast, turn to for assistance?

Enter The Gold & Silver Chick!

Periodically throughout each month, our very own numismatic expert will be taking your questions. Curious about the history of a particular coin? Need to verify any of our shipping and purchasing policies? Want to know more about the pros and cons of available products?  Ask anything you like on the Gainesville Coins Facebook page, and we'll post the responses here on the blog.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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