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Bargain Hunter Specials for December at Gainesville Coins

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Bargain Hunter Specials for December at Gainesville Coins
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While generic bars are usually among the lowest premiums, some people don’t have the ready cash to purchase a large volume of precious metal at once. By highlighting the silver and gold coins with the lowest premiums, we want to point out options to those buyers who feel more comfortable with coins over bars, or those everyday people who may have just a little spare cash that they wish to convert to precious metals.

For silver coins, the lowest premium right now is for the 1953-1966 Canadian Silver Quarter for only 10¢ over spot. These coins contain .15 oz ASW of silver. An alternative is the $1 Bag of 1942-1945 U.S. Silver "War Nickels" at $2.67 over spot for the entire bag of twenty nickels. Nickel was a vital national resource for the war effort in WWII, so the government replaced the nickel in the nickel with silver!  These nickels are 35% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese. The $1 face value bag of twenty nickels has a total ASW of 1.125 ozt.

For gold coins, the item with the lowest premium is the ½ oz Proof Gold 1979 Canadian UNICEF coin, with for only $7.99 over spot! This coin is made of .917 gold with an AGW of .500 oz. Another good choice is the 1909-1915 Austro-Hungarian 100 Corona gold coin, for just $11.00 over spot. Made of .900 pure gold, it has an AGW of .9802 oz.

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