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Budget Silver Coins for the Casual Collector

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Budget Silver Coins for the Casual Collector


I found some older, inexpensive  silver coins while going through our inventory, and thought that they would be a neat way to get someone started in coin collecting. They would also make a nice "stocking stuffer" for the casual coin collector.

I've chosen one coin under $5, two coins between $5 and $10, and a coin between $10 and $15. Please keep in mind that the price of these coins will fluctuate slightly with the spot price of silver, but they should remain in the ranges I've chosen. I've tried to mix up the countries of origin, to keep things interesting.

JJ1For the  <$5 category, I've chosen the 1967 Canadian Centennial Silver Dime. The Canadian government commissioned special versions of their circulating coinage to celebrate the centennial of the Canadian Confederation. The reverses on these coins celebrated native wildlife of Canada, and were all designed by Alex Colville. The dime has the Mackerel, vital to Canadian Atlantic fisheries.

JJ8JJ15For the $5-$10 category, I picked the 1875-1967 Swiss Silver Franc, and the 1937-1946 British George VI Half-Crown. The silver Swiss Franc was minted to the same design from 1875 to 1967. Swiss coins retained a higher silver content than most other nations up until 1967. This coin is 23.2mm across, and is made from 835 fineness (83.5% pure) silver. The coins you receive will be of a random date, probably 20th century. The George VI Half Crown is a beautiful piece, made from 500 fineness silver. This coin is 32.3 mm in diameter and weighs over 14 grams. The reverse is the Royal shield of Great Britain, flanked by crowned, interlocked "G"s.

JJ696For the $10-$15 category, I chose a proof silver coin that may appeal to younger collectors: the Mexican 1985 World Cup '86 Proof Silver 25 Pesos coin. This coin features images from the history of football (soccer) in Mexico: a pre-Columbian ball, the "ojo de buey" of the Aztecs and other tribes, and a modern football. This coin is made of 925 fineness (sterling) silver in a proof finish.

Remember, we have many older silver coins in smaller denominations available. You could go through our stock and pick out several coins as a gift for about what you'd pay for a video game. This link will take you to a list of silver items we have in stock, sorted by price, so you can choose the ones you like best.

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