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Budget Silver Coins for the Casual Collector - December 26

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Budget Silver Coins for the Casual Collector - December 26


Welcome to the latest "Budget Silver Coins for the Casual Collector." For this feature, I go through our inventory at Gainesville Coins and find some older inexpensive silver coins, with a view towards recommending them for the beginning collector as an introduction to world coins. These coins would also make a nice gift for the casual coin collector.

I've chosen one coin under $5, two coins between $5 and $10, and a coin between $10 and $15. Please keep in mind that the price of these coins will fluctuate slightly with the spot price of silver, but they should remain in the ranges I've chosen. I've tried to mix up the countries of origin, to keep things interesting. The sub- $5 category is getting pretty thin, so next week we may move our brackets up by five dollars each.

Elizabeth-dime-canada This week we are back with Canadian silver dimes in the <$5 section, this time being the Canadian Elizabeth II silver dime. These coins were minted between 1953 and 1966. The reverse of this coin features the famous Canadian schooner Bluenose as illustrated by Emanuel Hahn. This series had two different busts of Queen Elizabeth. From 1953 to 1964, the dime had the effigy designed by Mary Gillick. The last two years featured a new bust by Arnold Machin. This ten cent piece is made of 800 fineness silver with an ASW of .06 troy oz. and is 18mm in diameter.

Sweden-Silver-KronaBahamas-HalfdollarThis week's $5-$10 category goes from snow to sunshine, featuring the 1952-1968 Swedish Krona and theĀ 1966-1973 Bahamas 50 Cent piece. The silver Swedish 1 Krona coin has the crowned royal Arms of Sweden dividing the denomination on reverse, and the image of King Gustav VI Adolf on obverse. It is 25mm in diameter and weighs 7 grams. It is made from 400 fineness silver and has an ASW of .09 troy oz. The reverse on the Bahamas Half DollarĀ  features a blue marlin leaping from a stylized ocean. Deep sea fishing for the marlin and other game fish is a major industry in the Bahamas. This coin was minted between 1966 and 1973. It is made of 800 fineness silver, with an ASW of .2667 troy oz. and a diameter of 29 mm.

Austria-25schillingFor the $10-$15 category, we have the silver 1957-1972 Austrian 25 Schilling. This 30 mm coin had several different reverses during its circulation to mark different anniversaries, much like the U.S. quarter has had. The particular coin shown on the product listing on the site was chosen at random, and shows the 1971 coin that commemorated the Vienna Stock Exchange. The obverse will always be the denomination surrounded by shields as shown to the left. The 25 Schilling is made from 800 fineness silver with an ASW of .3344 troy oz.

Remember, if a date range is listed for a coin, the date you receive will be chosen at random from the inventory we have at-hand. We have many older silver coins in small denominations available. You could go through our stock and pick out several coins as a gift for about the same price you'd pay for a video game. This link will take you to a list of silver items we have in stock, sorted by price, so you can choose the ones you like best.

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