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Current Politics

lost civil war gold may be buried under state forest in pennsylvania

Lost Civil War Gold May Be Buried Under State Forest in Pennsylvania

March 24, 2018

Rumors began to circulate this month that a group known as Finders Keepers had identified the location where gold lost during the Civil War had been buried.

more states exempting sales tax on precious metals coins

More States Are Exempting Sales Tax on Precious Metals, Coins

February 17, 2018

Many U.S. states have changed their laws or amended state constitutions to eliminate sales tax on gold and silver bullion coins since the financial crisis.

possible new dollar coin series clears first hurdle

Possible New Dollar Coin Series Clears First Hurdle

January 21, 2018

The American Innovation $1 Coin Act passed the U.S. House. The bill calls for a new series of dollar coins honoring a history of innovation and pioneering.

gold silver laws virginia sound money

Gold and Silver Laws: Virginia Opens Door for Sound Money

January 13, 2018

Virginia has become the most recent U.S. state to pass laws or amend the state constitution in order to recognize gold and silver coins as sound money.

controversial new civil asset forfeiture bill

Controversial New Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill

June 15, 2017

New legislation proposed in the Senate bolsters asset forfeiture laws by extending their scope to include a much wider range of assets and circumstances.

trump fills two fed seats

Trump Fills Two Fed Seats

June 07, 2017

financial markets outlook 2017

Financial Markets Outlook for 2017

May 23, 2017

Everything about the markets and the world economy seems to be distorted in 2017 as we charge full bore into the Trump era.

heres congress might reform coins

Here's How Congress Might Reform Our Coins

May 22, 2017

kansas may exempt precious metals from sales tax

Kansas May Exempt Precious Metals from Sales Tax

May 21, 2017

From Tennessee to Idaho, to Virginia to Arizona, and now Kansas, state after state is adopting new rules for how precious metals are treated by the law.

wall st and washington

Wall St and Washington

April 13, 2017

Does the "Washington Consensus" about Wall St still apply under the Trump administration? If so, what does this vague philosophy stand for?

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