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Market News

Keep up to date with all the factors affecting precious metals, with Gainesville Coins market updates.

bullion purchases surge amid low prices

Bullion Purchases Surge Amid Low Prices

September 08, 2018

As the prices of gold and silver have continued to trend lower in a consolidation pattern during the third quarter, bullion buying around the world has rebounded as investors look for value.

stocks stall lira falls dollar hangs tough

Stocks Stall, Lira Falls, Dollar Hangs Tough

August 17, 2018

Precious metals slightly higher on the spot market to end week. The US increases pressure on Turkey to release preacher, causing lira to slide again. Stocks held back by chipmakers, a day after decade-high earnings from Walmart sent Wall St higher. Soaring housing prices may begin to affect economy

gold prices near unchanged to start week

Gold Prices Near Unchanged To Start Week

July 30, 2018

A moderately lower dollar is supporting precious metals just above unchanged, as a continued sell-off in tech stocks keeps dragging the broader market lower in both the EU and U.S. In addition to earnings, central bank meetings in the U.K., U.S., and Japan this week have markets on the defensive.

trumpiran twitter war unsettles markets

Trump/Iran Twitter War Unsettles Markets

July 23, 2018

Overnight threats exchanged between President Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last night rattled markets in Europe and the US, and spiked oil prices higher. Threats by Trump to levy tariffs on every thing that Chinese exports to the US, played a large role in stocks falling on Friday

chinas grand strategy oil and gold denominated in yuan

China's Grand Strategy: Oil and Gold Denominated in Yuan

June 30, 2018

With the ascendancy of the Chinese economy, the country has embarked on a somewhat under-the-radar mission to undermine the supremacy of the dollar by pricing oil and gold contracts in yuan.

gold trade war fears hurt dollar

Gold Up As Trade War Fears Hurt Dollar

June 04, 2018

As trade war rhetoric heats up around the world, gold is seeing demand grow.

u s gold reserves include millions foreign gold coins

Why Do U.S. Gold Reserves Include Millions of Foreign Gold Coins?

June 02, 2018

gold struggles hold 1290 bond yields

Gold Struggles To Hold $1,290 Against Bond Yields

May 17, 2018

Precious metals are slightly lower across the board this morning, as the market reacts to the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rising above 3.1%.

demand for gold investment expected rise 2018

Demand for Gold as Investment Expected to Rise in 2018

April 08, 2018

Despite only a gradual increase in prices over the past two years or so, gold demand for investment purposes (i.e. coins and bars) is set to rise yet again.

winklevoss twins bitcoin folly

Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin Folly

January 08, 2018

The Winklevoss twins are bitcoin billionaires, but there are two major follies underlying their entrepreneurial success story.

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