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Old Coins in the News

Auction results of rare old coins, treasures discovered, and numismatic features

ancient roman coins unearthed belgium

Ancient Roman Coins Unearthed in Belgium

December 15, 2018

Two brothers searching with metal detectors in a small Belgian town uncovered a hoard of over 100 coins from Ancient Rome, including several silver denarii. The coins date to the first and second centuries C.E.

gold coin hoard crusades israel discovered

Gold Coin Hoard From Time of Crusades Discovered

December 08, 2018

At the site of one of Israel's historic port cities, a hoard of 24 gold coins was discovered. The coins were likely left by someone fleeing a battle with Crusaders at the turn of the 12th century.

silver coins saved life WWI soldier

Silver Coins Saved This Soldier's Life

November 18, 2018

An astounding Reddit post this week told the story of a soldier in World War I who was protected from a lethal bullet by the stack of silver coins in his pocket.

even ancient coins had errors

Even Ancient Coins Had Errors

October 28, 2018

Error coins are an important area of numismatics for many collectors. Even as far back as Celtic times two millennia ago, mints were mistakenly producing error coins like one gold coin (from a variety of only eight known) being auctioned in November.

thieves caught selling genuine lydian stater earliest gold coin

Thieves Caught Selling Genuine Lydian Stater, Among Earliest Gold Coins

September 30, 2018

The Lydian stater is believed by historians and archaeologists to be among the first types of coins minted anywhere in the world. One of these historic gold coins was recovered from thieves in Turkey.

hoard of roman gold coins found in italy

Hoard of Roman Gold Coins Found in Italy

September 16, 2018

The first news reports about a hoard of ancient gold coins from imperial Rome are starting to leak out into the media. The hoard contains about 300 gold coins and was found in the basement of an old Italian theater.

more silver coins from roman britain found

More Silver Coins from Roman Britain Found

September 01, 2018

After years of keeping the story secret to allow researchers to study the site, news outlets in the U.K. are finally reporting on a hoard of first-century Roman silver coins found in Yorkshire.

hundreds ottoman coins excavated near black sea

Hundreds of Ottoman Coins Excavated from Ruins Near Black Sea

August 26, 2018

An archaeological team in Bulgaria unearthed nearly 1,000 silver and gold coins from the Ottoman Empire at the ruins of a medieval fortress near the Black Sea.

isaac newton really hated coin countefeiters

Isaac Newton Really Hated Coin Countefeiters

August 25, 2018

Although Sir Isaac Newton is best known for his scientific discoveries in physics, optics, and mathematics, there is also some interesting history behind his work at the Royal Mint (U.K.).

rare roman gold ring discovered somerset

Rare Roman Gold Ring Discovered in Somerset

August 12, 2018

A considerably rare gold signet ring dating to Roman Britain was discovered by a metal detectorist working in collaboration with archaeologists in the County of Somerset in England.

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