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Silver Market

alaska silver mine seeks hunting ban

Alaskan Silver Mine Seeks Hunting Ban

January 06, 2019

Potentially hazardous encounters with wild game hunters are increasingly common at the Greens Creek Mine in the Alaskan wilderness. The company is asking the Board of Game to ban hunting near the silver mining operation.

gold and silver manipulation goes mainstream

Gold and Silver Manipulation Goes Mainstream

November 17, 2018

After years of speculation and suspicions that big banks engaged in manipulating gold and silver prices, a guilty plea by a JPMorgan trader has placed the topic into mainstream discourse.

gold silver ratio still abnormally high

Gold–Silver Ratio Still Abnormally High

September 29, 2018

Gold is now nearly 85 times more expensive than silver, which is a historically high ratio of gold-to-silver prices. This may indicate that a reversal of this trend is approaching on the horizon.

what does silver supply deficit mean for markets

What Does the Silver Supply Deficit Mean for Markets?

May 19, 2018

Even as the silver mine supply remains in a deficit, the price of silver continues to languish at bargain levels. How long will this be the case?

how the growth of solar energy will boost silver demand

How the Growth of Solar Energy Will Boost Silver Demand

March 25, 2018

The production of solar power has been increasing dramatically. Because silver is a key component of solar panels, this trend should lift silver demand.

new 2018 wwi commemorative coin design disappoints

New 2018 WWI Commemorative Coin Design Disappoints

December 23, 2017

Coin collectors have not been thrilled with the designs of the new 2018 World War I commemorative silver dollar, but the coins support a great cause.

viking silver treasure hoard uncovered

Viking Silver Treasure Hoard Uncovered

September 30, 2017

On the German island of Sylt in the North Sea, an impressive hoard of Viking treasure—jewelry, coins, and ingots made of silver—was discovered this summer.

collectors clamor for previously unknown silver eagles

Collectors Clamor for Previously Unknown Silver Eagles

April 04, 2017

The U.S. Mint dropped a bombshell on collectors regarding the provenance of Silver Eagle coins produced at the mint's branch facilities the last few years.

will 2017 be a semi key date for silver eagles

Will 2017 Be A Semi-Key Date For Silver Eagles?

March 31, 2017

Low sales numbers for 2017 American Silver Eagles have some people wondering if this year will mark another semi-rare mintage in the Silver Eagle program.

appeals court overturns jpmorgan silver rigging decision

Appeals Court Overturns JPMorgan Silver Rigging Decision

February 21, 2017

When it comes to suffering the consequences for manipulating the price of silver to its advantage, JPMorgan bank is not entirely in the clear yet.

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