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Articles and stories that don't necessarily fit into a discrete category.

gold oil dollar surges

Gold, Oil Down as Dollar Surges

April 30, 2018

Precious metals are down across the board this morning, as the dollar rides upbeat consumer inflation news to make another attempt at a fresh 3-month high.

gdp beats consumer spending tanks

GDP Beats, Consumer Spending Tanks

April 27, 2018

lost treasure ship still holds public imagination

Lost Desert Ship Still Holds Public Imagination

February 25, 2017

Here are the accounts of those individuals who have made the legend of California's lost ship part of their personal narratives.

excavation jersey hoard complete

After Three Years, Excavation of Jersey Hoard Complete

January 22, 2017

After three years of preservation work, Catillon II is confirmed as the largest Celtic hoard ever discovered.

gold drifts stocks hit new highs

Gold Drifts as Stocks Hit New Highs

November 22, 2016

Gold prices are drifting after modest gains, while US stocks open at all-time records. The dollar is weaker after the post-election rally runs out of steam.

gold treasure myth captivates paraguay

Gold Treasure Myth Captivates Paraguay

March 10, 2016

Modern myths don't die easy in Paraguay, particularly when they deal with gold bullion and buried treasure dating back to the mid-19th century.

know bank england founded gold pirates

Did You Know?: Bank of England Founded by Pirate Gold

March 08, 2016

The Bank of England may be the most vaunted financial institution in the world, but it humbly was founded by funds pilfered from sunken Spanish treasure.

hungarian central bank arms

Hungarian Central Bank Arms Itself

February 18, 2016

The surprise news that the Hungarian Central Bank had bought 112 pistols and 200,000 round of ammo is just the latest controversy for the bank.

santa claus bank

Santa Claus Once Had His Own Bank

December 24, 2015

great swindlers american history

The Great Swindlers in American History

December 09, 2015

American history and even contemporary American culture are replete with examples of great swindlers and con-men. In fact, we even celebrate certain scams.

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