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CME Increases Margins for Gold Futures by 25%

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CME Increases Margins for Gold Futures by 25%

The CME Group has announced that margin requirements on gold futures contracts will increase by 25%, effective Monday, June 24. Margins for 100 ozt gold speculative futures will increase from $7,080 to $8,800 per contract, while hedge positions and maintenance of existing speculative contracts will increase from $6,400 to $8,000. Margins for 50 ozt miNY and 10 ozt futures will also increase.

Platinum futures margins will also increase, but by 12.5% (half the increase on gold futures). The margin on new speculative platinum futures will go from $3,080 to $3,465. Hedge positions and maintenance margins on speculative positions will increase from $2,800 to $3,150.


by David Peterson

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