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Coins to Match your Renaissance Fair Character

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Coins to Match your Renaissance Fair Character Fair is once again in full swing in the Tampa Bay area and we've selected the Ren-Fairest coins of all for the occasion.

For all you Medieval Mavens we know these coins and bars aren't exactly from the same time period, but they'll up your coolness factor when you buy your turkey leg by ten.




[gallery type="slideshow" ids="6616,6615,6614,6617,6601,6606,6605,6611,6619,6604,6610,6608,6613,6618,6607,6602,6603,6612"]

If you would like any of the coins featured here, feel free to call us at 813-482-9300, or email us at

By: Brandi Hollis, March 5, 2014. Gainesville Coins.

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