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Discover The Path To Your Pot of Gold This St. Patrick's Day

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Discover The Path To Your Pot of Gold This St. Patrick's Day

pot-of-goldWill you be gold hungry as a leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day? Originating as an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century, St. Patrick's Day is both a cultural and religious holiday that honors the death of St. Patrick as well as the birth of Christianity in Ireland.

Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, the day is observed by various Christian churches and celebrated by a vast amount of people around the world who recognize the annual holiday in a variety of ways. Universal images that are generally associated with St. Patrick's Day are shamrock clovers, green beer and gold.

Ireland's History of Gold

Symbols of gold are often found in Irish culture like the gold coat of arms harp, or the age-old Claddagh ring, which many people still wear today because of its universal symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Maybe one of the most notable symbols is a leprechaun's pot of gold.

Leprechauns originate from Irish folklore as wildly mischievous fairies turned rock stars that securely protect their gold in a hidden pot at a rainbow's end. The story goes, if ever captured by a human, a leprechaun has the power to grant three wishes to whomever finds it in exchange for their release. Unfortunately, you can't just take the gold and run, but maybe you could wish for it.

Gold continues to carry a supreme level of utilization throughout the world, particularly within the commodities market. Thankfully, these days you can purchase gold in a variety of forms, including coins, bars and rounds. So, where will you find it?

Versatility of Gold

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, gold is in the air at Gainesville Coins. We can't stop thinking about it here. Gold's longevity quite possibly stems from a number of reasons like its unique physical and chemical properties, let alone its cosmetic beauty and rarity.

Because of its distinctive color, it's no surprise that its chemical element symbol is Au, which comes from the Latin word aurum, meaning gold or golden. Most precious and rare, gold is known as the top malleable precious metal, as it certainly radiates on a variety of platforms.

Gold is able to be transformed into numerous types of jewelry and electronics. Its physical versatility is comparable with its financial stamina, as it dawns its glory with intrinsic value within the precious metal markets as well. Today gold is easily made available to purchase in endless spectrum's for the purpose of collecting and investing. Gold thrives time after time, especially when faced with inflation and economic uncertainty.

Why Everyone Wants To Find A Pot Of Gold

So, how much value truly exists in a pot of gold? Let's say, it would definitely be a nice chunk of change. Much like a pot of gold, a hoard is a collection of wealth consisting of valuable objects or artifacts, which can also be hidden.

One of the most recent gold hoard discoveries is a haphazard find by three treasure hunters, which consisted of ancient, 2000-year old treasures. The men found their pot of gold doing general fieldwork one day in a small village in Staffordshire, England. They first came upon one coin, but only saw it as a random find. Over the next few weeks, they continued to search the area and found that this was not just a happenstance, but instead, a gift that kept on giving.

Scattered throughout the area, a total of 33 coins were recovered. This discovery is now known as one of the largest Iron Age coin hoards to be found in the western part of England, including gold stater coins minted between 40 B.C. and 20-30 A.D. Over time, they have also recovered silver and gold jewelry ranging in dates from about 100 B.C. to 1500 A.D.

This definitely goes to show that anyone's expectations of finding hidden treasure are perfectly random and possible.


Wherever you find your good luck charm this year, know that there exists a rainbow's end for you at Gainesville Coins.

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