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In Dubai, People Who Lose Weight, Gain Gold

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In Dubai, People Who Lose Weight, Gain Gold

1-10oz-Dubai-gold-coinThe municipal government of Dubai has launched a repeat of its program last summer called "Your Weight in Gold," but this time, it's aimed at families.

Over the two month weight loss drive, anyone who loses at least two kilos (1 kg = 2.2 lbs) of weight will get one gram of physical gold per kilo of weight lost. In an effort to turn back high rates of childhood obesity, families who enter and has a child that loses at least two kilos will see the gold awarded each member of the family doubled.

The focus on families competing in the weight loss program together promises to be even more popular than last year's program, in which the government gave away 16 kg (over 35 lb) of gold.

You don't have to live in Dubai to reward yourself with a little gold -- Gainesville Coins has gold from Dubai to Denmark, Australia to Andorra.

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