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Gainesville Coins Offers Free Portfolio Tracking Service

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Gainesville Coins Offers Free Portfolio Tracking Service


Gainesville Coins is now offering a free portfolio tracking service for their clients. With separate stock and precious metals portfolios available, you can track all your assets in one place.* Your precious metal portfolio can be split and rearranged in different ways. You can track the bullion value of your assets by each metal as well as in total, for example.

Tracking your stocks is as simple as entering the ticker symbol in the "Add Stock" box and clicking a button. You will see the aggregate performance of your stocks on the portfolio page, and with a click of a button see each stock's individual performance.

The Finance home page gives you continuously updated market data, such as precious metals spot prices and stock indexes, as well as Treasury bill yields. This page is also your source for market news and analysis.

*note that this service is for asset tracking only. Transactions cannot be performed on the portfolio pages.

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